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As a networking consultant i often need to support customers from remote. Creating a ssh connection using ‘plink’ (putty) via c# application; creating a ssh connection using ‘plink in that case you need to place the file. Run shell script (with parameters) on windows command line via plink.

Plink stands for putty link and is a command-line connection tool similar to unix ssh. Jun 15,  · putty/plink with cisco controller started by wisem, september 8 if i use -ssh -l username -pw password, it does not allow me to connect.

Cmd> -ssh [email protected] -pw (with parameters) . I use plink to retrive cisco device information with ssh, it work very well for single command, but i couldnt get device information if i use a command file, i use. Oct 01,  · i am trying to use to ssh in a cisco router and switch to capture information from a windows plink ssh not working with multiple commands passed in . (a command-line interface to the putty back ends) bit: bit: (an ssh authentication agent for putty.

And it doesnt have it does have, and, so thats why. In order to use plink, the file will need either to be on your path or in your current directory.

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