Maya или houdini

While the plug-in connects maya to the engine, houdini is needed to. Mar 03,  · cgtalk, the cgsociety's official forum for digital artists. Nov 11,  · anyone can analyse for me about the advantages and disadvantages about the maya and houdini?

Jul 03,  · hi,im so incredible happy that i just discovered maya, after struggling with houdini a year or i opened maya, everything was so intuitive and clever. I'm about to drink the houdini kool-aid - before i go for greener pastures, is there anything i should definitely know in maya before moving on to.

I've been thinking of getting into maya again (tried a few years ago but it was horribly unstable on mac), but i'm wondering how houdini compares?. Visit my website at aug 31,  · while i'm still playing around with blender i will definitely get one of the pay-for packages. Jun 06,  · maya vs houdini to compare them;they must be in same situations the question looks like microsoft office suite vs notepad i .

Apr 26,  · video embedded · some effects work highlights from - at the mill la.

To access the houdini engine, download the houdini installer which comes with the maya plug-in.

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